4 Things Every Woman Should Know Before Freezing Her Eggs

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Egg freezing is a process that is becoming increasingly popular among women due to a number of reasons. First, If you are thinking about freezing your eggs and have started your research, you are probably overwhelmed with the amount of information available out there. But do not panic,
because we are here to clear all your doubts and confusions. Second, we have prepared a list of the 4 most important things every woman should
know before freezing her eggs.

Egg freezing does not guarantee forever fertility

A common misconception that women usually have is that by freezing their eggs, they can have children whenever they want. This is not true. Freezing your eggs is not an insurance policy. You must know that not all the eggs you froze are going to be viable
later. Similarly, metaphorically speaking, your fertility is not going to be the same at 35 years as it was when you froze the eggs 10 years ago.

The sooner you freeze your eggs, the better

Anyone who has studied biology knows that women are born with all the eggs they will possibly have, and as they age, their egg count and quality diminishes. This means that the sooner you freeze your eggs, the better shot you have at getting pregnant later. While there are no age restrictions, it is a fact that freezing your eggs is most effective before the age of 35.

It is an intense procedure with possible side effects

Freezing your eggs is a comprehensive procedure. There is a lot to be done – ultrasound, tests, injecting synthetic hormones – before you even get to the part where they freeze your eggs, so make sure you are mentally and physically prepared for that. Moreover, the process also has certain side effects, including mood swings, bloating, and cramps, so do not be surprised.

Egg freezing is expensive

Last but not least: egg freezing can be quite expensive. It is a good idea to get acquainted with the costs as the insurance coverage varies depending on your insurance plan You must also keep a provision for egg storage costs (annual rent) and some unexpected costs that you may incur pre- or post-procedure.

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