Men’s Mental Health Myths and Reality

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Men are a symbol of strength and resilience in any society. People take this strength for granted,
and oftentimes forget that men can also have mental health issues like women. Mental health
challenges are quite prevalent today, and mental health is as serious an issue as to any physical

In this article, we’ll be debunking a few common mental health myths and realities associated
with men.

Myth 1: Men are mentally stronger and can’t have mental issues.

This is merely an assumption; as in patriarchal cultures, men are advised to not openly express their emotions. And when they do express their emotions, they experience backlash from society and are labeled weak and delicate. This aspect can affect their mental health.

Myth 2: Men do not need help regarding any mental health issue and can handle it themselves.

This myth is again believed in many cultures. Men are the heads of the family and take all the important decisions. They cannot seek help from others as it sends the wrong message. If they
consult anyone on their mental wellbeing, this is unlike them.

Myth 3: Men are good at managing their emotions as compared to women.

This is a general fact. It is also said that real men don’t cry. An exception to this is only allowed in case of the death of a loved one. This why men bury their emotions in other negative behaviors like substance abuse. Men are as much emotional as any human being and should have the freedom to express them in whatever way they like. This can be helpful for their mental health.

Myth 4: Marriage will solve all mental health issues.

Mental illness is a proper health issue and needs to be treated with therapy or medications. It cannot just disappear on its own. Marriage is not a solution to health issues and can cause problems for the prospective partner in the future.

Myth 5: Mental illnesses are associated with violence.

It is a common misconception that men with mental health issues are violent. Mental health illnesses, in general, are non-violent and do not show obvious symptoms. Men are as susceptible to mental health conditions as women, and they should not be ashamed if they seek help. They should be encouraged to get the care that they need.

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