What Happens If you get Covid19 and the Flu at the same time?

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It’s that time of the year again: With the fall season just around the corner, you’re going to see Flu shots signs visible in every pharmacy. You might also get reminders from your health providers to get your vaccinations before the end of October.

Although this year it will feel a lot different due to the ongoing pandemic. We’re going to face a “twindemic” with both COVID-19 and seasonal flu cases on the rise. Researchers have declared that it is indeed possible to get both the viruses at the same time.

People, in general, do not take the flu seriously, with over 50% of the US population not getting their annual flu shots. This flu, in combination with coronavirus, is surely going to be taxing for any healthcare system around the world, putting numerous lives at risk.

What can you expect if you get the flu and COVID-19 at the same time?

According to our expert, it is common to get two viral infections simultaneously. It is difficult for the body’s immune system to fight off both infections at one time. The body’s internal organs like the lungs can be severely damaged, the illnesses can be prolonged, and the chances of complications also increase manifold.

Although researchers have yet to find out if getting one of these illnesses increases the chances for the other, patients are more vulnerable. Both diseases cause tissue damage in the respiratory tract making it more difficult to fend off subsequent viral infections.

Generally, the common flu presets more mild symptoms as compared to COVID-19 yet, public health officials are now more concerned about the flu shots. This is mainly because both diseases present similar symptoms which makes it difficult to get an accurate diagnosis. And this is of utmost importance, as it can burden the health system and not provide the care where it is needed most.

Even if you have mild symptoms, it is better to visit the doctor. Do not attempt to self-medicate as you have no clue if you have the flue or the coronavirus. The symptoms of the latter are continually expanding, and you must contact your doctor if you experience the following symptoms: fever, body aches, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, nausea, and diarrhea.

Our experts advise readers to get their shots by the end of October as it takes about two weeks for them to develop immunity. In this way, you’ll be fully protected to take on the flu season.

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