The Ultimate Guide to Masturbation: Uncovering all the Myths

Orgasm chasm

All and everything there is to know about masturbation that you were unaware of. 

It would be quite surprising to know if you have never masturbated even once in your life. Masturbation is a common activity these days that involve people touching themselves to obtain sexual pleasure. The deed does not certainly depend on the fact that you are sexually active or not. Regardless of your relationship status, you are free to partake in the act to make the most of it.

Who masturbate?

While surfing through the internet, you might have come across various commonly asked questions regarding masturbation. The most frequent one could be that is there is a specific section of users who chose to complete the deed.The answer is not that hard to guess. Individuals of all ages are known to masturbate. As per numerous relevant surveys, despite having an active sex life, both males and females masturbate frequently. Whether it’s the early teenage group or the happily married category, you won’t find any exception in the case of masturbation

Why do people masturbate at all?

Imagine a single person who has no suitable partner to partake in sexual endeavors. The individual is bound to be holding back a lot of frustration. There comes a time when your body has a whole pack of sexual tension that you surely have to release. Masturbation is the right way to release all the pent up frustration that you are holding on to for a long time. 

People also choose to masturbate to avoid pregnancy or specific sexually transmitted diseases. In some cases, the act has proven to be a great way to obtain complete stress relief. In cases where a person might be going through sexual dysfunctionality, doctors recommend a specific period of masturbation to help the individual create a satisfactory orgasm.

Is masturbation really harmful?

One of the most common queries that often come up is that is masturbation harmful? It all depends on what perspective you are choosing to adopt. If you think from a religious or cultural point of view, you would find the deed sinful and not beneficial for your body. However, on medical terms, masturbating is beneficial for your sexual health as it helps you get to know more about your body. 

Can masturbation be considered normal?

Previously regarded as a mental health issue and an unhealthy addiction, people are finally getting on terms with masturbation. The act itself is pleasurable, easy, and pretty safe to conduct, which makes it a good remedy for your sexual health. 

You might have gone through numerous blogs describing various masturbation side effects that might have held you back before partaking in the activity. You should know that masturbating is all good when it does not interfere with your daily life and is bound to bring a welcoming change in your sexual life.

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