Genital Shaving: The Good and the Bad

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We take a look at the all of the reasons why genital shaving is a good idea and why it is not. It may come as a surprise that genital shaving does not have any health benefits, whatsoever. People shave to “feel” cleaner and more hygienic, however, that is not the case as pubic hair is there for a reason. 

Pubic Hair, oh no!

There is no reason for shaving pubic hair, apart from personal or your partner’s satisfaction. Genital shaving may help during oral sex and other intimate moments with your partner, and maybe give personal satisfaction, because pubic hair is wiry and odd, and does not look good, either. However, research and science has shown that there are no health benefits, and doctors do not advise shaving pubic hair.

Why not? Well, that is because pubic hair offers protection against bacteria and other microorganisms that could potentially cause sexually transmitted and non-sexual infections. It is wise to have pubic hair, according to science, especially in a healthy amount to avoid dust particles and other unwanted debris from getting in

Not shaving your pubic hair can be a good idea because it means you do not have to worry about any potential itches, either. Genital shaving can leave you feeling all smooth and nice, but once the hair starts to grow back, which is only a couple of days, then your genital area starts itching. Lastly, another drawback of shaving your pubic hair is that it results in ingrown hair. Ingrown hair can be a nightmare to remove, especially, from sensitive areas, and if left unattended, they can lead to other skin-related problems.

Most importantly, though, pubic hair for ladies, allows them to maintain an optimum vaginal temperature as it absorbs moisture and sweat, and does not allow the area to get damp.

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